Posted by: shotgunfacelift | September 27, 2009

Girls can’t be funny

And that’s that.

I’ve never come across a woman who’s made me laugh. It’s not like I haven’t tried. I’ve had a chat with women from a multitude of different backgrounds, nationalities, religions and political opinions and they all seem to be – in every sense of the word – boring.

So then, I was like - youre fat! Hahaha

'So then, I was like - you're fat! Hahaha'

I’m not even trying to have a go at them, I mean, really. Let’s take a look a couple of facts here:

The Writers Guild of America reports that women make up 27 percent of television writers and only 19 percent of feature film writers. I mean, that’s saying something.

All those films you’ve watched, all those television shows that have made you gag or have acted as a proxy pick-me-up have probably be written by men.

I wonder why. Girls just can’t be funny. They can’t. I’m sick of pretending to laugh at their dumb ‘jokes’. If I were to be myself while talking to a girl, I’d have a completely neutral look on my face. No emotion. And that’s the truth.



  1. Have you considered the possibility that you may not have a particularly refined sense of humor? 😛

  2. Perhaps the girls with better humor prefer to disclose their humor when within a more appropriate circle – often a rare find.

  3. Perhaps, but I wouldn’t bet on it

    • No. You really shouldn’t bet on anything. It becomes a habit and then you end up being a broke loser. No matter how rich you were to begin with.

      Yah, ok, I’m beginning to spam your blog now.

      • I don’t mind, as long as you dub me the ruling denominator.

  4. Hello. Aren’t we arrogant and presumptous. No offence meant. Or maybe I mean it. Oh well. Up to you =)

    Of course, being a woman, I disagree with your post and the title.

    • Is that an actual basis for disagreement though? ‘because’ you’re a woman doesn’t form a basis for disapproval, but yeah, I was just joking around with this post. Only you uptight folk would get all pissy about this. (Kidding)


  5. Sarcasm doesn’t get through, eh? Yeah, I kinda GOT the ‘joking’ part, thanks =)

    Uptight me.


  6. I agree. u__u

  7. True.
    I dont get humor of my kind of species [mostly]….>_>

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