Posted by: shotgunfacelift | September 29, 2009

The evils of the ‘What I did today’ blog post

Almost every blog has one. You – yes, you – probably have at least one of these posts on your blog.

What kind of a post am I on about? Ah. The one that started it all. The quasi-diary entry blog post, a delight to read most of the time. Mainly consists of:

1. A mind numbing paragraph about what clothes you wore, what you had for breakfast and how tired you were in the morning.

2. A minimum of a sentence on how bad your headache was.

3. A series of absolutely amazing events which most of us probably won’t see in our entire lifetimes, but no, you’re different. The President showed up at your university and you punched him in the face and called him a dickhead. (or in other words ‘The usual’)

You know it's true

You know it's true

4. A blatant exaggeration of mundane, daily events

5. The cliche paragraph about your friends, wherein you make us all feel inadequate by describing how you discussed ‘x’ topic on an interpersonal level with your amazing buddies and how you did loads of cool shit.

I’m sure these posts make people feel better about themselves for a brief moment, But yes, most of what people write in posts like these is what they wish they were doing as opposed to what they actually did. In actuality it was probably just another day. But hey, who wants to read about you waking up, being groggy, going to uni and coming back relatively uneventfully?



  1. Haha, I have come across a few blogs in which I’m left thinking, ‘did this really happen??’. But they are few and far between.

    Personally, I don’t write blog entries like that. I’ll let you know from the jump that I’m not that exciting, and rarely does anything exciting happen to me. Which is actually cool with me, I guess.

    Oh wait!

    I did see Leonardo DiCaprio on my college campus back in 2004 ( I think it was 2004). He was there giving a speech in support of John Kerry during his presidential run. That was really exciting. It would have been even more exciting if I could have actually attended the meet-and-great after his speech, but I had to go to class. See, like I said, not exciting.

    • Hey, at least you got to see Leonardo DiCaprio. I’ve only met a handful of ‘celebrities’ and they all semi-ignored me. 😦

  2. I dont have any of these posts on my blog … my life is mudane beyond belief. i am surprised I am not yet dead from boredom induced coma, my friends are just as boring/mundane/unexciting as I am so we unexciting things and I have been healthy as a horse so no migraine stories either. does that make me unbearably uncool and totally plebeian?

    • I guess so, your comment put me half to sleep!

  3. I write about my day sometimes. Because on those times I think my day is worth reading about.

    If you don’t agree *begone-from-the-blog* I say.

    (I also say that if you don’t like it you clearly have no taste etc but I won’t elaborate on that because it’s rude and I’m sick – more the latter than the former – but whatver)

  4. Wow, I write only about ‘my’ life. Maybe I should just shut my laptop and go sit on the swing and come up with an alternative pastime. I’ve tried cooking (didn’t work), now blogging…

  5. I agree with Xeb. Our days are just too awesome not to read about. Its the Grandpa Simpson Effect.

    Also, ironic isn’t it? You’re blogging about the things you hate bloggers blogging about on their blogs.

  6. I have at least ten of these on my blog.

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