Posted by: shotgunfacelift | October 1, 2009

Megadeth “Endgame” Review

I know this is a departure from my usual sort of blog post, and many of you won’t even bother to read this or probably don’t care but I’m going to post it anyways as I love this album.

I’ll start by saying I’ve really heard an album in the last five years that have got me as excited as this one. Quite a while ago, their demo single ‘Headcrusher’ was put up for download on their website for twenty four hours. Ever since hearing that, I could sort of guess that this album would be as good as it turned out to be.

Every year you’d hear a crescendo of chants saying that the next Metallica, Megadeth or Slayer album is ‘Old school’ and that they’ve gone ‘back to their roots’ and this time you’d be a fool not to believe the hype.

Its the End of the road, its the End of the line, its the Endgame.

It's the End of the road, it's the End of the line, it's the Endgame.

As you can see, the cover art is excellent. What does it mean? It’s a whole bunch of people in Guantanamo like suits being lead off somewhere, freaky. The entire album is very political, and is ‘based’ of Alex Jones’ documentary of the same name (Endgame.)

Anyways, Enough about that – Let’s talk about the actual tracks.

So, as some of you may know, Megadeth signed a new guitarist, Chris Broderick of Nevermore/Jag Panzer to work on this new record and I have no regrets about announcing him as the best part of the album. He is absolutely insane and takes guitar solo’s to the next level. Here’s two examples. I mean, what the fuck, is this guy human?

Chris Broderick means business:

You face was utterly destroyed, right?

So yes, this album has some -mindblowing- solo’s on it, for sure. That’s not all though, Dave Mustaine’s riffs on this record are gritty and violent. Apparently he’s been keeping these riffs in a little box for a rainy day and used them all up making this album.

Favourite tracks: How The Story Ends, The Right To Go Insane, 44 Minutes, The Hardest Part of Letting Go, Dialectic Chaos – Christ, I’m listing them all out!

Buy this album, listen to it, stick it up your arse, sleep with it. Just do it.

It’s the best thing you’ll ever do.



  1. You’ve mentioned two of my favorite people: Broderick and Mustaine. The first clip was orgasmic. Purely orgasmic. Broderick’s equipment kicks ass up to nth level. And I’m sure Mustaine’s up-coming Dean Zero will annihilate thou all. You, especially.

    BTW. Get me B. C. Rich Bich 10 or die. :H

  2. Very cool review… Endgame is an intense Thrash Metal album from every angle you look at. Dave Mustaine basically has made the “new” Thrash Metal template for younger Thrash Bands to study from. Plus none of us Megadeth fans had to wait ten years for a new album from Mustaine either… his Metal work ethic is incredible right now.

  3. pf. Your blogger-friends don’t like metal.

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