Posted by: shotgunfacelift | October 1, 2009

People who set their blogs to private are gay

And that wasn’t meant to be a stab at homosexuals or anything. I love you guys. (I just don’t want to be dubbed a homophobe, really.)

People who set their blogs to private need to be hung, drawn and quartered. Why? Why, you asked? I’ll tell you why:

Blogs are meant to be read. I don’t see any other purpose for having a blog. I personally have created this blog so I can post content for other people to read (and therefore waste their precious time reading this rubbish) and for the fringe benefit of becoming ultra famous some day. (Alright, alright. I know this is never going to happen, let me rest in peace, please.)

That's alright, bro. I didn't want to read your shitty fucking blog anyways.

That's alright, bro. I didn't want to read your shitty fucking blog anyways.

So yes, if blogs are meant to be read, why do some people find it necessary to effectively hide their blogs from public view? I thought long and hard about this last night and came up with the following arguments for and against this phenomenon.


  • Defeats the purpose of having a blog.
  • It makes you look like a pompous arsehole
  • It makes you look like a dickhead


  • Nothing

Actually, I did come up with one reason, maybe they want to share their content only with specific users – but that makes you a faggot anyways.


Having a blog set to private is not cool. It makes you look like an utter twat. You want to make people feel special for having access to your blog don’t you? You want to make them feel like glitterati, walking down the fucking red carpet while photographers surround them bombarding them with camera flashes; taking pictures from every angle.

That’s alright, man. I didn’t want to read your blog anyways.



  1. You are truly a God, Mr. Blogger. I whack off to your posts everyday. You motherfucking genius.

    • pf. Get back to studying.

  2. That’s absurd. A blog can be treated as diary too. Which is better than trying to hide you diary from prying cunts! Besides, some anonymous commentators like hording their shit on blogs so it becomes a headache.

    It ain’t a rule for a blog to be public.

    Check the dictionary sometime. And see if it’s an oh so according to the divine order “PUBLIC” display of thoughts.

    • If you want to keep a diary, open up a Notepad file and save it to your computer. There’s no need to make lavish posts on WordPress to write down the details of your boring life.

  3. I suck dicks

  4. Oh wow, what rules. 😛

  5. When I was a little girl, I swore I’d pledge my devotion to the first person who wrote a blogpost about this.

    This must be destiny.

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