Posted by: shotgunfacelift | July 13, 2010

Of Political blogs and Paki girl bloggers

One of the most pointless things I’ve ever seen on the internet are politically oriented blogs. Each one of these blogs may have a name that is different, but the content is always the same – a rant of sorts shamelessly pushed on an audience which couldn’t care less about the topic in question. I don’t know about you lot, but if I ever once in a blue moon decide to trawl through blogs at random or visit a blog with some decent non-political content on it I’d rather not read a pamphlet on your opinion of Section 27-C of the Pakistan constitution.

Fuck off!

This is especially worse when the pedantic prick of a blogger decides to give us his (or worse, her) opinion on matters that we have already had our heads hammered into a pulp over, such as the Taliban or whatnot. Give it a break you cocksucker, we’ve seen it on the news already!

That reminds me of something else that’s been getting on my tits lately. I’m not in Pakistan at the minute, but has anyone noticed the recent upsurge in the amount of politically charged talk shows going on T.V. nowadays? Every time, every fucking time I switched on the T.V. there was some smug no name bald waistcoat wearing vagina sitting in a cheap leather seat offering his opinion on how he or she can help save the country from it’s impending doom. Give it a break like.

On to part II – Girl bloggers. I usually don’t have a problem with them, but I can’t imagine how fucking silly they can get. Combine this with the political blog post fad, and you’ve got an instant recipe for disaster. I cannot express in words how much I dislike these posts.

On most of these blogs, you’ll find a ridiculous mish mash of fucked up topics they talk about. They’ll switch from lighthearted posts to straight edged butch, horn rimmed glasses, cropped hair political activist posts in a second. I’ve got an idea for all you girls out there, keep the theme of your blogs consistent. Don’t give us cool posts one second and serious posts the next, that’s just no fun. Just blog about normal stuff – heels, shoes, make up. That sort of thing.

That’s the least of my concerns though. My major issue with Paki girl bloggers is their tendency to post absolute crap on their blogs day in and day out. By absolute crap I mean highly abstract material which makes no sense whatsoever, and is about as useful as posting an in joke on a blog which only your friends would get. Here’s something I picked out at random

Fuck you right in the ear bitch

Furthermore, on almost every Paki girls blog I’ve been on – they consistently complain about being harassed by males in public and making a conscious effort to divert their efforts to flirt with them and whatnot while walking through a marketplace or whatever the fuck. This is absolutely not true and I’ve never seen it happen. I personally think they just love to tell themselves they’re really hot and desired by the average joe on the street wearing blue jeans.

While I do concede that there are some pervy types out there, it’s not as bad as you people make it out to be and you don’t have to act all high and mighty about it like every guy is out there to get you if your dupatta moves so much as an inch across your chest to reveal a slight contour that I’d have to take a fucking protractor out to measure.



  1. Sigh. You whine too much.

  2. Heels, shoes and makeup =/? That’s worse.

  3. You really do whine too much.

    • This blog is all about talking about stuff which pisses me off.

  4. Its not really that bad. I agree with the political stuff. But human nature is to vent out. You’d be surprised what you might be capable of, if not doing the same.

    Just an opinion 😛

  5. Women huh!
    Can’t kill em can’t live with them. Such diabolical dilemmas dat we face day to day.

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